We at ROLLING THUNDER DYNO are comitted to not only tuning and custom re-mapping your engine to achive the most horsepower and torque, but also maintaining a air fuel ratio (AFR) that promotes a healthy running engine. 
With today's EPA and California's CARB regulations stock or factory bikes come with a 14.7 to 1 AFR which being on the lean side causes a hotter running engine. this is why Harley Davidson developed it's "parade mode" which on their '08+ touring bikes cuts out the fuel and spark to the rear cylinder when the ECU detects that the engine tempature by idling in traffic or just being driven too slow has reached a tempature that is becoming dangerously high.
Now to even further lean out an already lean hot running engine are the madrid of aftermarket parts that are consumer installed.  Something as simple as a "cool" looking air cleaner that allows greater air flow, or a set of unrestrictive "loud" exhaust pipes, do the same. The ECU need to be reset to allow the proper AFR.
An engine that has had a cam installed or free flowing heads, or even a big bore kit installed find that dyno tuning with a custom map is a necessity to access all the hidden horsepower that a proper AFR will provide and allow the owner to get all the years of trouble free fun that they paid top dollar for.
The heart of our equiptment is a DynoJet 250i dynometer with an absorbtion or eddy brake.
ROLLING THUNDER DYNO is a dealer for many of the aftermarket add on tuning devices and high performance parts.
As we also have complete access to machine shop services (CNC) at REVOLUTION PERFORMANCE  and can build your engine to either mild or, wild by our in house wrench "BIG" Larry Fink.
We do not sell or use products or services that we have not used ourselves on our own bikes and try to only use products when at all possible that are  "Made In America".
For custom tuning and mapping our Master Tuner Bill "Chilly Willy" De Freis uses a madrid of devices inclluding POWER COMMANDERS and POWER VISION by DynoJet to  TTS from Kuryakyn.
Our shop is located in Bunnell, Florida.
Our DYNO is mobile, therefore we do events at other locations.
Also we can schedule tuning days at other shops.
Feel free to call to make an appointment.
3501 E. Moody Blvd.
Bunnell, FL 32110